Heaven Gate Ultra Supreme 電源線

Heaven Gate Ultra Supreme 電源線

型 號︰ Ultra Supreme
銷售價︰ HK$4,900.00



Ultra Supreme

Over the last years, Heavens Gate Audio has developed completely new approaches to conductor technology, shielding materials, and damping technologies. The Ultra Supreme Series is intended for the finest home music installations in order to bring the full realization of the musical experience to you.

Special made Silver-Copper conductors are used for the Ultra Supreme Series.
The conductor material is annealed in a special way to provide a long crystal structure as well as an extremely smooth and uniform surface. The surface of the conductor material is polished right after the annealing process in oder to avoide any oxygen that might result in unwanted distortions. 
Extruded PTFE (teflon®) is used for the insulation of the conductors offering superior dielectric properties.

Up to eight conductors are arranged into a special Matrix to control the inductance and the capacitance of the cable.
Three different shields are used to protect the signal against unwanted noise.

The plugs used for the Ultra Supreme Series offer Oxygen Free Copper contacts, silver plated and 24k gold plated.

The Ultra Supreme Series delivers the optimum performance from your components and is the most uncolored and articulate series of audio cables at it's price. The lower bass is unbelievably fast and extremely controlled, offering a speed and pitch definition that truly brings the music to life. The mid-range is deliciously rendered, with a vibrancy and truthfulness of timbre that actually breathes life into the recorded voices as well as those of the demanding instruments. The treble is extended, smooth and detailed, without the "edge" and aggressiveness that is so often found in other cables.