HORN AUDIOPHILES Silver Conductor MK 唱臂線

HORN AUDIOPHILES Silver Conductor MK 唱臂線

型 號︰ Silver Conductor MK
銷售價︰ HK$3,500.00



NF-Kabel - SERIES Audio Phono MK Pure Silver

With the "Audio Interconnect MK Pure Silver Conductor" cable series you will experience your audio system anew. You can hear completely new things from his well-known music carriers. Instruments are better separated from one another, the sound image appears more spacious and realistic than ever before. 

Conductor material, cables and auxiliary materials are manufactured in Germany and are proprietary products from Horn Audiophiles. The excellent product quality, for an unadulterated signal transmission between the components of your system, is guaranteed by the production and selection by hand. 

The different characteristics of the types -MK- / -MK No. 1- and -MK No. 2- allow an ideal adaptation to your audio system. 

* polished and thermally treated Rhine silver conductor 99.99% 
* PTFE single wire insulation 
* special stranding with PTFE banding 
* extruded elastomer inner jacket against microphone 
* Silver-plated copper screen braid> 92% optical coverage 
* Non-woven decoupling fabric 
* Polyurethane outer jacket 
* Reduced-mass, eddy current-free RCA fittings with direct gold-plated tellurium copper 
* Hand-soldered connections with 10% fine silver solder offer excellent 
Transmission quality with the lowest contact resistance and excellent long-term stability 

The delivery takes place in a high-quality, silver-stamped and anti-magnetic packaging with inserts and detailed operating instructions.