CRYSTAL CABLE Absolute Dream Power Strip 排插

CRYSTAL CABLE Absolute Dream Power Strip 排插

型 號︰ Absolute Dream Power Strip
銷售價︰ HK$22,400.00

Crystal Cable Absolute Dream Powerstrip

Crystal Cable Powerstrip Absolute Dream is made of aluminum, covered with a mat of high-quality plastic, which provides the necessary mechanical strength and excellent electromagnetic shielding. The internal current conductors are of the same silver monocrystal from the Dream series.

Distributing mains power seems an easy task and as such it is. It is like painting a wall; it’s not complicated to paint a wall, the difficult part is preventing the paint from getting where it is not wanted. Like the floor and the ascending walls. With mains power you do not want stray signals from a power strip or power cable to influence audio and/or video cables. To achieve this Power Strip is wired in a special ‘star configuration’ which ensures the lowest electro-magnetic interference (EMI) possible.

This Crystal Cable power strip is equipped with 6 marked 15A (C13) sockets and a 20A (C19) input connection for maximum current transfer.

For more (technical) information about Crystal Cable power products, please visit the Crystal Cable website.