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  • Shelter Model 301 II 唱頭
    The 301 II has an aluminum cantilever and conical stylus tip. The stylus tip is a moderate size of 0.65mil.  It is a great choice for traditional analog reproductions as well as with legacy albums of your favorite performers.   Model 301 II Specifications Output voltage: 0.4mV ..
  • Shelter Model 501 III 唱頭
    The Model 501 III is latest development of 501 series. Through continued refinement the 501 III is equally  responsive with the most recent recordings or any of your most cherished albums. The 501 III has the combination  of aluminum clad boron cantilever and elliptical diamond stylu..
  • Shelter Model 901 III 唱頭
    The 901III uses hard aluminum cantilever with line-contact diamond stylus chip same structure with Harmony.  Unlike models 7000 and 9000, which pursue more information or detail of sound, 901III provides comfort of  analog playback sound from the moment when the stylus chip falls int..
  • Shelter Model 5000 唱頭
    The Model 5000 uses a different bobbin and wire than the 9000 and 7000. The front yoke and body shell use a slightly less sophisticated design but the sound quality is outstanding. This cartridge is perfectly balanced and develops a natural, smooth and pleasing experience.   Model 5000 Sp..
  • Shelter Model 7000 唱頭
    The Model 7000 output voltage of 0.55mV is slightly lower than the Model 9000 but it is fully capable of reproducing all of the subtlety and nuance of your favorite recordings. Incredibly detailed and ultra smooth, the 7000 is capable of recreating the emotion and excitement of the most deman..
  • Shelter Model 9000 唱頭
    The Model 9000 is our finest cartridge to date. It provides high output voltage of 0.65mV with superior  bandwidth and is perfectly balanced across the frequency spectrum. We have achieved a level of performance that is incredibly quiet while reproducing extraordinary levels of musical in..