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  • Cardas Microtwin 訊號線
    Microtwin is an affordable interconnect featuring Cardas' Pure Copper Litz conductors. Light weight & flexible. ..
  • Cardas Parsec 訊號線
    The first Cardas interconnect in our Cross product line to feature Matched Propagation Conductors, the technology originally developed for Clear. Parsec Interconnect is the successor to the legendary Quadlink, delivering the familiar warmth and musicality of Quadlink, with better imaging, transparen..
  • Cardas Cross 訊號線
    For a quarter-century, Cardas has been known for its signature sound - warm and musical, with rich mid-range, and vivid imaging. Cross Interconnect reflects the original Cardas designs. ..
  • Cardas Golden Reference 訊號線
    Golden Reference features Cardas patented Golden Section, multi-gauge stranding in a symmetrical, helical tri-axial design. Golden Reference was our top performing interconnect before the introduction of Clear Interconnect. ..
  • Cardas Crosslink 喇叭線
  • Cardas Twinlink 喇叭線
    Twinlink is a small speaker cable, intended for very efficient home audio speakers. This is our most affordable speaker cable featuring Litz conductors.  ..
  • Cardas Quadlink 喇叭線
    Ideal for small relatively efficient home audio speakers.  ..
  • Cardas Cross 喇叭線
  • Cardas Twinlink 電源線
    Twinlink is a small (11 awg) power cord that is light weight and flexible. It is designed for front end components such as pre-amplifiers, CD players, turn tables, etc.   ..
  • Cardas Quadlink 電源線
    Quadlink is a medium size power cord which is suitable for small amplifiers or large power supply preamps, etc.  ..
  • Cardas Cross 電源線
    Cross is a shielded, medium diameter power cord suitable for large power supply pre-amps and amplifiers rated at less than 300 watts. ..
  • Cardas High Speed Data 數碼線
    Cardas High Speed Data/Video is a 75 ohm cable for RCA, BNC and other digital information. The design is 20.5 awg, coaxial, Golden Section, Constant Q, multi-gauge, Crossfield, enameled Litz conductor construction, with PFA foam dielectric and urethane jacketing. ..
  • Cardas Lightning 15 數碼線
    Cardas Lightning 15 is a 15.5 awg coaxial digital transmission cable for RCA, BNC and other digital applications. ..
  • Cardas 耳筒線
    Developed by George Cardas when his daughter, a radio DJ at the time, kept needing replacement cables for her Sennheiser HD600 headphones. The result was a more durable cable, with greatly improved performance. ..
  • Cardas AES/EBU 數碼線
    Cardas AES/EBU is the industry standard for digital transmission. It is a 110 ohm, balanced cable using 20.5 awg, twin-axial construction, with PFA dielectric, air suspension, Golden Section, Constant Q, multi-gauge, Crossfield, enameled Litz conductors, and a urethane jacket. ..
  • Cardas Crosslink 訊號線
    Crosslink is our entry-level interconnect cable. Crosslink is available as a finished cable, terminated by Cardas Audio, and it is also our only interconnect cable available in bulk. Crosslink is ideal for smaller systems, home theater and car audio. CL2 rated for in-wall installations.   ..