• PHASEMATION MC Stepup Transformer T-300
    Product Outline and Concept In 2006, we released T-3, the set-up transformer for MC cartridge well-received in the high-end market, and we inherit its designing ideology and change the appearance to new sophisticated design.   Main feature 1. Adopting the High Performance Set-up Tra..
  • PHASEMATION MC Stepup Transformer T-500
    Product Outline and Concept We introduced the special coil winding structure used for T-1 (out of production) which established a very good reputation. Now we applied the technology for mass-production type MC Step-up transformer T-500 which we introduce this time. The merits of T-500 are its hig..
  • PHASEMATION MC Phono Pickup Cartridge PP-300
    Product Outline and Concept We release PP-300, the model of 10th anniversary of our brand establishment, as the new basic model. It has 'the midrange-treble-part with high freshness', 'the resonant bass part' which the conventional MC cartridge could not realize, and also 'spa..
  • PHASEMATION Phono Amplifier EA-200
    Product Outline and Concept In 2008, we released Phono Amplifier EA-5 applying the semiconductor technologies for analog disk lovers, saying "Analog audio products are not fully mastered yet" as our catchword; and a lot of audio fans supported it and gave the high evaluation. After we h..
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