• Pro Ac Response D1 二路書架揚聲器
    For many years the Response 1SC has been one of the world’s leading mini monitors but now the D1 has stolen its crown. High tech improvements have been made to the cabinet, bass driver, and crossover network. The cabinet baffle is slimmer to aid dispersion, and now has a special damping material ..
  • Pro Ac Response D2 二路書架揚聲器
    ProAc loudspeakers have a reputation for exceptional sound and build quality. Our enclosures may look conventional but this hides the advanced technology required to build a rigid and well-damped cabinet. Our loudspeakers are made in our factory at Brackley, England. They are slim and elegant, finis..
  • Pro AC Response D-18 二路座地揚聲器
    Further improvements have been made again with the cabinet, bass driver and crossover network. The cabinet on the D18 is very heavily damped with a new material; it is also now side vented as other high-end models in the ProAc range. A new high tech bass driver is similar to the D2, it however ha..
  • Pro AC Response D-28 二路座地揚聲器
    To improve on the highly acclaimed Response D25 would have been a daunting task but for the development of a new, slim, elegant cabinet design giving greater dispersion and featuring side venting to give the lowest frequencies more power and authority. The faultless reproduction throughout the frequ..
  • Pro Ac Response D-30R 二路座地揚聲器
    由英國發燒揚聲器宗師Stewart Tyler親自操刀ProAc Response D30,憑著永無止境的豐富音樂味,面世不久便被世界各地音響發燒友視為升級必然之選,二路分音座地式設計,加上典雅大方的適中體積,輕易融入每一個現代家居客廳。月前廠方宣佈發表另一款以D28作為基礎的進化版本D30R,它的基本結構與D28非常接近,低音單元是ProAc 165mm碳化纖維振盆低音,最大變化實為高音單元換上了振膜面積達60mm x 10mm水平,較原有型號D28龐大數倍但重量只得一條頭髮左右的劃時代ProAc輕量化絲帶單元。隨著高音單元的革新,由多股式無酸銅接駁線材和優質零件所組成的HQ高質素分音器亦相..
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