• Pro-ject Anti-Skate Weight
    Anti-Skate Weight for Pro-Ject Turntables ..
  • Pro-ject TUBE BOX MK2
    TUBE BOX MK2 MM / MC Phono Pre-amplifier  Tube Box II for MM and MC is a very high quality phono cartridge preamplifier. This unit produces a lively and powerful performance with convincing sound staging and emotional presentation.  Good sound from sound technology &nbs..
  • Pro-ject TUBE BOX DS
    TUBE BOX DS DS-Line The Pro-Ject Tube Box DS is a valve-output phono pre-amplifier that offers improved performance over the original Tube Box S/E II, whilst maintaining an appealing price. The Tube Box DS presents an impressive sound, making it a great audiophile upgrade for almost any mid-p..
  • Pro-ject ALIGN It
    Align it Cartridge alignment tool Tool for cartridge alignment and adjustment Special slip-proof tool for defining the turning centre of Pro-Ject tonearms Adaptable to accommodate differing tonearm lengths Also suitable for other manufacturers’ tonearms Suitable for tonearms ..
  • Pro-ject Level IT
    Level it Spirit level Spirit level for optimum positioning of a turntable. ..
  • Pro-ject Debut Carbon DC 宝碟唱盘
      宝碟 Debut Carbon ( DC )黑胶唱盘 Audiophile评选为“最超值抵卖”的黑胶唱盘 •配备了原厂碳纤维一体化成形8,6吋唱臂; •加重的转盘可兼容所有呎吋唱片; •选用精密同步马达皮带带动; •全新sorbothane马达悬挂系统; •配备了毛毡唱片垫; •原配的动磁唱头为ORTOFON出品的OM10 •备有7种高亮度光泽颜色可供选择 ..
  • Pro-ject RPM 1 Carbon 唱盤
    RPM 1 Carbon Manual turntable with 8,6'' carbon tonearm The entry into the RPM world RPM 1 Carbon utilises a lot of innovations and enhancements: A low resonance chassis holds a newly designed inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball for further reduced rumble. An outboard 15V AC ..
  • Pro-Ject RPM 5.1宝碟黑胶转盘
    •采用暗灰色钢琴漆外观造型; •宁静运转交流电马达带有一个两速驱动的皮带轮,通过皮带套入转盘外缘带动; •中性密度纤维材料制作而成的底座,安坐于三只可调垂直高度,并配以橡胶作为减振的铝质钉锥机脚之上; •马达被安装在独立式的金属外壳之中借此消减振动回传至唱盘影响重播效果; •对共振进行了优化皮带带动盘的转盘采用三明治式夹层结构,随机提供了一张毛毡唱片垫与及一个旋入式的金属唱片镇; •转盘采用低宽容度镀铬不锈钢转轴,而转轴装置于黄铜轴承套之中,以铁弗龙制作啤令运行; •底座中央部份设置的金属模块可优化整个唱盘的重心..
  • Pro-ject RPM 9 Carbon 唱盤
    RPM 9 Carbon High-end turntable with 9“ Evo tonearm Beautiful and clever design: Carbon surface & 7,2 kg platter Due to extensive research and development, we now lift our classic RPM design to an even higher level. The RPM 9 Carbon uses a new extra heavy chassis which features a ..
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